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With thanks again to @captainswiftftw on Twitter we are able to bring you two really nice little interviews with Sam from SFX & Sci Fi Now magazines, chatting with him about his character Finnick Odair in the run up to the release of Mockingjay Part 2. Please credit us if using our transcripts and @captainswiftftw if using their scans.

Sci Fi Now Magazine

The lizard mutts in the trailers look amazing. Did you have to act opposite someone pretending to be a lizard?
Yeah! The stunt guys, who were incredible, they were all wearing white leotards with little black spots on. So for me, having the opportunity to do all my fight sequences with real people was very helpful, compared to the monkey scenes in the first movie I did, Catching Fire, where there was nothing there, so we were fighting thin air which proves quite difficult for special effects as well as us.

Have you ever hurt anyone while you were filming fights?
It’s happened a couple of times actually with stunt guys. Partly because I guess Finnick spends a lot of his time fighting and I broke my finger when we filmed Catching Fire during a rehearsal. Total accident, but I was told that my left hook needed a bit of work. It looked a bit flimsy. So I decided to show them that I could be hard, but it ended up connecting with the side of a guys temple! He had to take a step away and sit down for a while, and then I realised that I’d broken my finger.
Finnick has just sat around a lot so far in District 13. Did you relish the opportunity to get out and fight again?
This is a funny story. The trident, as amazing as it was, a part of me was very angry that I didn’t get to shoot a gun, because all the other guys were carrying guns! I was pretty useless. I was running around with a trident just like “This is no good to anybody right now!” Unless it’s close combat. Everyone else had machine guns and could shoot from miles away and I’m stuck with a trident, a spiky fork, in the background.
About his last day filming…
“My last day of shooting was really bizarre”, admits Claflin. “I thought my last day was a Thursday, so I’d said all my goodbyes and did a huge run around and made sure I said goodbye to every single person and gave them a hug and gave them a kiss and gave them a card that said thank you, and then at the end of the day when they said, “That’s a wrap!” someone then said, “Oh, actually, we need you guys to come in tomorrow morning.” So I said all my goodbyes and had to come in the next day for 20 seconds to do one more shot that they didn’t quite get that day!”
On what he would like to see in terms of Hunger Games spin offs…
“There are so many different options for origin stories that they could do,” he says. “I think Haymitch’s story is one that would interest me, how he won, and then what happened to him post, but also I think the beginning of the Hunger Games is a story that should be told as well. How and why they started it, the first one. Even when we get into that in the Hunger Games, you’re made to feel that this happens a lot, and yes, we disagree with it. I feel like the first one must have caused huge amounts of uproar. We’re going to kill 24 little kids, I mean, it’s messed up. But someone had to make that decision to begun with.”
What about a look at Finnick’s origins? “I think I’m a bit old for that now!” he laughs. “I think the most interesting part of his story was when he won the Hunger Games at the age of 14, and I have a feeling I might be a little too old for that. I could play Finnick’s dad, maybe. But he is a character that I think is really interesting and worthy of an origin story. I don’t know that my acting ability is that good, unless they CGI’d me”.
 SFX Magazine
I was preparing to say goodbye….
How does it feel to be coming to the end of your Hunger Games experience?
I’ve had time to let it go. The few months of filming for me was quite different compared to Jennifer or Josh or Liam, who had the extra year of filming and were a bit more constant during the last film. I think because of that fact I was kind of preparing myself to say goodbye.
Does having Annie back make Finnick more keen to get involved in the war?
Yeah, he’s a protector. Every point along the story he’s done everything possible to protect not only himself but other people. He wants to make the world a safer place and a better place.
Do you imagine that we’ll see any other spin-offs down the line?
I definitely feel like there’s the potential. The beginning of The Hunger Games, for example, I think is an interesting concept. But it just depends what they want to do with it really, it’s out of my hands anyway [laughs].
Scans (credit to @captainswanftw)

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