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It’s difficult to sum up two magical days in a few words. But since lots of you asked, I’m gonna try to share with you this new adventure. In this article, you can read about the Q&A, meeting Sam, the premiere, my review of the movie and meeting Sam’s family.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go to the World Premiere of The Quiet Ones in London to support Sam. Thanks to Liongsate and Way To Blue, we even got the opportunity to organize a competition for fans to win tickets to the premiere.
March 31
When I arrived on Monday morning I was surprised to see The Quiet Ones billboards on lots of London buses. And how happy it made me to see Sam’s name on the poster.

I went to the Q&A at the Apple Store on Regent Street to “Meet the Filmmakers of The Quiet Ones“. After waiting a few hours over there, it finally started around 5 pm. Sam was with Jared Harris and Simon Oakes the producer. When they came on stage, the producer saw our small “Sam Claflin Fans” sign and showed it to Sam, who waved and winked recognizing SCF. 
Unfortuantaly, it was prohibited to take videos, but I made sure to take as much pictures as I could for you guys (SCF Exclusive Pictures of Sam at the Q&A). Hopefully, the full video of the meeting will be soon uploaded.
The Q&A was very intimate and Sam, Jared Harris and Simon Oakes responded to lots of questions, including fans questions. As you may have heard Sam talked about his love for small production movies but also directing. It might be difficult to believe it but Sam was actually very shy, which was incredibly cute, and when they showed an exclusive clip of the movie, he made sure not to look. Jared and Sam joked a lot about their relationship in the movie (can’t tell more, you will have to find out by watching the movie). It was a really interesting Q&A since they talked about a lot of different things like: do they believe in the supernatural? how was the process of filming? was it funny? what’s their favorite horror movie? 
Around the end of the Q&A, I got the chance to ask a question to Sam (“Do you have any similarities with your character Brian?”). The host saw that I had a gift for Sam, so I stood up to give it to him and and he leaned down (almost fall) to grab it. He didn’t want to open it in front of everyone which I thought was really sweet. Then, he replied to the question and mouthed “Thank you. See you tomorrow”.

A few more questions and the Q&A was over. Sam nicely signed autographs for fans inside before being pushed towards the way out. He seemed happy to sign my Hunger Magazine with his cover, “Oh you found it?”, he said. We  finally quickly hugged before he had to go. 
With my friend, we decided that we might had a better chance to see Sam outside the Apple Store. And when his car stopped, he opened his window, and got off his car to thank us for the gift he had just opened. He joked about having more self esteem thanks to the gift, but he seemed really touched by it, which meant a lot to me. Sam nicely took a picture with me and my friend, we hugged to say goodbye and he once again asked if we would come to the premiere tomorrow. I have no words to describe him. He’s the nicest, sweetest, cutest, most genuine, and down to earth person alive. And that’s why, it’s a pleasure for us at SCF to support the career of such a talented and amazing man that is Sam
April 1st
After getting ready, we went to meet Adam, from Way To Blue, to get our tickets for The Quiet Ones Premiere. He informed us that the winners of our competition at SCF would get the chance to meet Sam on the red carpet as well. Sweet and lovely winners (DarlaJessica, Daisy, and Roz) it was a pleasure to meet you all!
We went to Odeon West End when the premiere was held. The cars arrived shortly after. Sam and Laura looked stunning as always. They both directly went signing for fans but were called for interviews. They came back right after that, and it was so lovely to meet Laura again. 
As always, Sam took time to please all the fans: lots of pictures, autographs and funny faces selfies. You can find all the pictures in our gallery, and also SCF Exclusive Pictures of Sam at the premiere


          When he says “I hate my face”, he’s talking about this photo from Interview Magazine.


The red carpet was so much fun, everyone was nice and polite, which is rare for a premiere. 
We finally went on the red carpet and a guy from the security brought us to the entrance of the cinema. That’s where I saw Laura again, it’s funny to know that she knows us. I asked her where we could find Sam’s parents and she just smiled and told me she thought they were inside with her parents. We got inside and met Laura’s parents. Beautiful and lovely people! I think they didn’t understand first how I knew who they were, but they seemed pleased to meet us and I’m so glad I had the chance to meet them. They told us Sam’s family was already inside and we should meet after. 
We took our seats and the director of the movie, John Pogue introduced the movie and the cast with a very funny speech. 
That’s how I found out that Sam literally loved whistling. Haha. What was interesting in John Pogue’s speech when he introduced Sam was the fact he talked about how Sam was really involved in the directing part of this movie, like he would give suggestions and shoot some scenes himself. A reason for you to see the movie if you’re still reluctant-scared.
Movie Review

Horror movies are not my thing at all. But The Quiet Ones isn’t just a horror movie. Of course, it’s meant to scare the audience, but I found that the film had a great and interesting storyline. As I was watching the movie, I could feel the character’s emotions, and I wanted to find out just like them what was happening to Jane Harper. There are scary stressful moments, that’s for sure, but the movie is also really funny. I would say the Quiet Ones is a brillant supernatural thriller. Everyone did an amazing job, Jared Harris, Rory Fleck-Byrne, Erin Richards, Oliva Cooke and of course Sam. I loved the relationship between Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke) and Brian McNeil (Sam’s character). 
Sam’s performance was mind-blowing as always. He perfectly played a reserved character who falls in love, and eventually mangages to express his most heartfelt convictons. 
Congrats to Sam, all the cast and crew, and John Pogue! Go watch the movie when it comes out in your country, give it a chance, it’s a GREAT horror movie! Don’t forget: the movie comes out in the US on April 25th and UK on April 10th. 
I want to thank Lionsgate for giving us the opportunity to go to the premiere and watch the movie.
Above all, I want to thank not only Sam for being one of the most amazing person I know, but also Laura and his family. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to Sue, Mark, Joe and Marta again. Thank you for your time and your kindness, it truly means a lot to me. See you next time! 
Last but not least, thank you to my friend Tiffany for coming with me to London, and thanks to Alex for covering all the SCF news, you’re the best! 

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