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During his time in New York continuing promo for Mockingjay Part 2 Sam took part in a Q&A hosted by Charter Com & Epix HD. As always, Sam came up with some brilliant answers to the fans questions – see our transcript of the best ones below!

Q&A Transcript **Please credit us if using**

@KatnissMyQueenx – @samclaflin @CharterCom @EpixHD #AskSamClaflin what is your favourite quote from the series?

@samclaflin@KatnissMyQueenx @CharterCom @EpixHD “It takes ten times longer to put yourself back together than it does to fall apart…” #AskSamClaflin

@silentpolaroids – hey @CharterCom @samclaflin #AskSamClaflin if you could choose one super power which one would it be and why?

@samclaflin@silentpolaroids @CharterCom Invisibility. I’d love to go cause mischief. #AskSamClaflin

@thecalkelly – .@samclaflin #AskSamClaflin If you weren’t Finnick, which “THG” character would you have loved a chance to play?

@samclaflin@thecalkelly Haymitch. I love his honesty. I love his care and loyalty to the gang and the cause. And I love his hair #AskSamClaflin

@twrntyonepiIots – @samclaflin if you were a dog, what breed would you be? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@twrntyonepiIots A cockapoo. Just like Rosie. #AskSamClaflin

@Paigedenham_ – @CharterCom #AskSamClaflin Favourite movie out of the four?

@samclaflin@Paigedenham_ @CharterCom I’d have to say Catching Fire. Its like the Hunger Games All stars. And its the beginning of the revolution.

@PrefectHogwarts – #AskSamClaflin @samclaflin How do you feel about lizards now ?

@samclaflin@PrefectHogwarts The same way I always have. #AskSamClaflin

@Nikki_Spiker – @samclaflin @CharterCom @EpixHD #AskSamClaflin how did you feel when you finally wrapped up the end of mockingjay part 2?

@samclaflin@Nikki_Spiker @CharterCom @EpixHD It’s sad to say goodbye. To a character, to a cast, to a film crew, to a story that I love. #AskSamClaflin

@Classyjoshifer – Favorites sweets? #asksamclaflin @samclaflin

@samclaflin@Classyjoshifer Haribo #AskSamClaflin

@thatsmoretz – Can you describe mockingjay part 2 in only 3 words? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@thatsmoretz No. I. Can’t. #AskSamClaflin

@wesleyski – @samclaflin what did you like the most about playing Finnick? #AskSamClaflin :).

@samclaflin@wesleyski i loved every aspect of playing him. everything from the fighting to the flirting #AskSamClaflin

@SAMCLAFLlN – @samclaflin would you ever do something similar to thg again? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@SAMCLAFLlN I would. I’ve enjoyed this experience so much I’d definitely do it again. #AskSamClaflin

@_EverlarkPotter – @samclaflin if you were a woman, what would you want your name to be? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@_EverlarkPotter Coco #AskSamClaflin

@emeraldwolf02 – #asksamclaflin What was the most difficult scene to film and how many takes did you do to complete the scene?

@samclaflin@emeraldwolf02 There was a fight sequence in MJ2 that was very very difficult. And took a whole day to get. #AskSamClaflin

@wesleyski – @samclaflin why did you name your dog Rosie? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@wesleyski I was filming Love Rosie and she already had the name and so we decided to keep it. #AskSamClaflin

@everlarksdesire – @samclaflin if you could meet Finnick in person, what would you say to him? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@everlarksdesire Can I have a sugarcube? #AskSamClaflin

@demstalks – @samclaflin What’s your favorite book? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@demstalks The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

@RebelSugarcube – #AskSamClaflin @samclaflin @CharterCom What do you think you have in common with Finnick?

@samclaflin@RebelSugarcube @CharterCom I think the fact he has a heart. The important things to him and the things closest to him.

@arkhamasylm – @samclaflin describe in one word mjay pt2 #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@arkhamasylm Hopeful

@cuddlesforjen asks: Weirdest prank you’ve ever done to any cast member or someone from the cast done to you? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@CharterCom @cuddlesforjen Jen, Josh and I hid on top of the cornucopia during catching fire and were throwing sweets down at francis.

@thatsmoretz asks: What’s the biggest difference between you and Finnick? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@CharterCom @thatsmoretz He could handle himself in a fight. I think I’d be pretty pathetic in the face of danger.

@lilyjlaxrence asks: How did you feel the last day on the set of Mockingjay? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@CharterCom @lilyjlaxrence sad. very sad. I didn’t want to say goodbye. But its not the end. We’ll continue to be friends for a long time. Forever in fact.

@hemsworthhugs asks: Are you at all interested in directing one day? #AskSamClaflin

@samclaflin@CharterCom @hemsworthhugs I am interested. I feel my knowledge can grow a lot more though. I’m patient. I can wait until I’m ready.

@samclaflin – Thanks for all your questions and thanks to @CharterCom and @EpixHD for hosting. You ruddy heroes. Go see #MockingjayPart2 in cinemas!

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