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Me Before You


With Me Before You already delighting fans in cinemas worldwide, a compiled list of critic reviews demonstrates Sam’s versatility and talent as an established actor in the film industry. And we couldn’t be prouder! Way to go Sam!

Screen Rant

“Claflin is also solid as Will, a man obviously tortured by what has happened to him. When the script allows it, the actor can play into his natural charm, and there are certain beats that pay off along the way…”

Movie Pilot

“I’ve never seen Claflin in a movie before, but his performance in Me Before You makes me want to go back and watch his entire catalogue. He delivers a powerful performance, breaking our hearts in one moment and making us laugh out loud in the next. Claflin is a fantastic actor and the chemistry between him and Clarke was evident throughout the movie. I look forward to watching many more films with him in the leading role.”

The Movie Kit

“Claflin’s good-looking charms come shining through. The Hunger Games star has the unenviable job of being stuck in a prone position, but he doesn’t play it one note. He and Clarke stir up the requisite amount of chemistry to make us care.”

Reeling Reviews

“Claflin could corner the market as his generation’s Hugh Grant.”

We Got This Covered

“Claflin’s a perfect foil, his broody, snobbish presence a nice counterbalance to Clarke’s screwball energy. It’s all in the eyes for him–the role is completely immobile aside from his face, obviously, and he and Clarke have a crackling chemistry when they lock eyes, which, for a story like this, is crucial.”

Las Vegas Review Journal

“Similarly, Claflin displays a playful, roguish charm similar to a young, pre-Divine Brown Hugh Grant.”

AARP Media

“Clarke, with her radiant spirit, and Claflin, with his winning smile, seem genetically engineered for long careers as a recurring movie couple.”

Reel Reviews

“Clarke’s counterpart, Sam Claflin, is no stranger to genre tales – he played Finnick in three of the four Hunger Games movies and William (Snow White’s prince) in the two Huntsman films. Handsome and brooding, Will cuts a dashing figure even in his wheelchair. He’s a more complex character than Louisa.”

Kaplan vs. Kaplan

“Clarke is adorable and sincere, Claflin is handsome and heartbreaking. The two are involved in one memorable scene after another.”

Showbiz Junkies

“But, obviously, Me Before You depends on Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin’s performances to draw you into the story, and both deliver first-rate performances…Claflin’s forced into delivering a much more restrained performance and it’s a nice counter-balance to Clarke’s effervescent Lou.”

Contact Music

“Clarke and Claflin breathe life into these characters, adding personality details and a spark of chemistry that helps the audience feel the connection developing between Louisa and Will.”

The Young Folks

“Me Before You is a charming and efficacious drama, coupled with solid performances from rising stars Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin…[they] sell this romance fully and add depth to characters that could have easily felt like caricatures.”

The Playlist

“Prior to “Me Before You,” Claflin is best known for his supporting work in “The Hunger Games” series, but this is the type of role that should elevate his standing in Hollywood. Even when Will is attempting to scare Lou away, he’s magnetic, drawing you and her in. But when he begins to fall for her, his well-earned grin elevates his appeal while he demonstrates that he’s more than just a handsome face.”

Sky Movies

“Claflin nicely judges Will’s transformation from self-pitying rich boy to someone the likes of Lou could genuinely love.”

NOW Toronto

“Claflin (Finnick from The Hunger Games films) shows great restraint and depth, speaking volumes with a glance and a tilt of the head.”

Film Journal International

“In Me Before You, both of these young performers [Claflin and Clarke] prove they are intelligent and versatile enough to easily handle the extraordinary demands—the comedy as well as the tragedy—of real life.”

Toronto Sun

“For those who go with the movie’s flow, Claflin’s performance is as strong as Clarke’s. He brings a wicked wit that matches up with Clarke’s breezy humour. Claflin also never minimizes what it must be like for an individual to lose so much while in the prime of life. So his character’s choices never seem trivial or trite.”


“Mr. Claflin is headed for a major career as a leading man. He even smiles in Technicolor.”

Brooklyn Magazine

“Claflin has an acerbic charm...”

Fresno Bee

“Claflin’s performance is equally as powerful, despite the limitations of playing a character who can only move his right hand. He’s the most charismatic love interest in a British film since the peak of Hugh Grant’s charming days. It’s Will’s charm that makes his decisions about his life all the more impossible for Lou to accept.”

Red Eye Chicago

“Clarke and Claflin both turn in acutely human performances, rounding out their characters and sharing palpable chemistry.”

The List

” Claflin is excellent, modulating his performance with real skill.”

Cinema Blend

“Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin build an infectious rapport, and you begin to feel a genuine care for the pair.”

Screen Daily

“Once Claflin takes his charisma off the leash, Will registers powerfully as a big-screen romantic hero…”


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