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As promised, when Sam hit an INCREDIBLE 700K Twitter followers the other day, he took part in a fantastic #AskSam Q&A with his Twitter followers. As always, we got some classic Sam answers to some brilliant questions, including his weirdest moment with a fan…and his current celeb crush! Read our full transcript of the Q&A below 🙂


SC: Let’s begin.

@officialexid: How are you this morning?

SC: I am good. Excited for the week ahead. And you?

@maddyizdabest: Would you ever come to Australia and do a tour there with the Hunger Games?

SC: I would love to come to Australia, be it with the Hunger Games or any other means.

@ShaghikG: What’s your dream role?

SC: I don’t believe my DREAM role has been written. There are so many great new roles created by the day. I look forward to reading it.

@snowingcaptain: What did you have for breakfast today?

SC: I haven’t had breakfast yet…Just on my way to work. #mycousinrachel

@BlissHoll: We all saw the chemical between you and Lily Collins. Would you work with her again?

SC: I’d love to work with Lily again. Not only is she a great actress but a great person too. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

@Love_Hope_Music: What advice do you have when it comes to following your dreams?

SC: Be yourself. And don’t be afraid of life. #liveboldly! I genuinely think you should learn to embrace challenges.

@ZoshxDylftBrad: Do you like France? Because we really like you here.

SC: I love France. I love France so much. I’m trying to learn French at the moment. I’m not very good though…

@styleskillza: Describe Me Before You in one word?

SC: Complicated.

@katynick: What is your favourite book?

SC: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

@kpandtcfaddict: What’s your favourite part in Me Before You?

SC: I don’t dare say until you’ve all seen it too. But I absolutely love the whole story.

@stanscallie: What was it like working with Douglas Booth?

SC: The best.

@promisenjh: Are you gonna answer my questions or ignore me for life?

SC: Answer them.

@gllieswood: Can you say something in French?

SC: Oui.

@sheervn: What was your dream when you were a child?

SC: I had many dreams as a child, and I think being a KNIGHT was probably the biggest. I loved castles.

@saucinbieber: What is the meaning of real beauty for you?

SC: The meaning of real beauty? Not knowing you’re beautiful. Someone who can be beautiful and NOT comment on it. Who doesn’t flaunt it.

@louistarwarvs: Favourite Italian city?

SC: I’ve only ever been to Rome so far. So I’d have to say that. But I can’t wait to explore more.

@mockinglark: If you’d choose between working on a movie with a new cast vs a cast you’ve already worked with what would you choose?

SC: I’d say working with a cast I’ve already worked with. I’ve been so lucky so far. I’ve always got on with everyone.

@gaiacharan: What do you think is the biggest similarity between u & Will Traynor?

SC: Our determination.

@belongstolucy: What was the best thing about being a part of #MeBeforeYou?

SC: Having the opportunity to explore a beautiful story. A complex story. Learning about a world I wasn’t familiar with.

@obrienvevo: Is there anyone you miss right now?

SC: I miss everyone.

@SAMCLAFLlN: Last gig you went to?

SC: Rudimental in Birmingham. If you haven’t already, go see them. They’re the best band Live.

@ashtoniwirn: Last book you read?

SC: My Cousin Rachel – the film I’m currently working on.

@hnsolo: Sam can you please wish me a happy birthday for last week?

SC: Happy birthday for last week.

@JordieJ16: What is your favourite colour?

SC: Blue

@jessicalee_x: Favourite Disney movie & Disney character?

SC: Lion King. Character? Hmm. Scar.

@kohhaarr: Did you find your role in Me Before You difficult to play?

SC: It was the most difficult part I’ve ever played to date. Very challenging. Emotionally, mentally and physically.

@alllheslove: Do you have a favourite cereal?

SC: Lucky Charms. They’re tough to get hold of in the UK mind.

@stiffinpanem: What music do you listen to?

SC: All sorts of music. There’s no particular genre of music I listen to and listen to alone. I like all music.

@darthodair: Team Cap or Team Ironman?

SC: Team Iron Cap.

@artemisivan: Favourite villain?

SC: Venom.

@TWIIXI3: Candy or chocolate?

SC: Candy. Haribo specifically.

@SAMCLAFLlN: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever said or done to you?

SC: Someone tried to marry me on a red carpet. Slipped a ring on my finger. Tried to kiss me. ‘Twas a beautiful ceremony.

@ultragrls: What’s your favourite place on Earth? It’s @thirldelrey’s birthday today, could you tweet her something please?

SC: @thirldelrey Happy birthday firstly. And favourite place on Earth? Home.

@mathie4lyfe: How’s Rosie?

SC: She’s good. Thanks for asking.

@WeirdMemo: Would you let me touch your dimple?

SC: Depends which one? One might get jealous.

@HolyLoowis: If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

SC: Battered sausage and chips from the chip shop. Covered in salt and vinegar.

@domsdaddario: How was it working with Emilia on Me Before You?

SC: Amazing. She is infectious. You smile when she smiles. You cry when she cries.

@mockingJ0Y: Who is your celeb crush?

SC: Ryan Reynolds.

@WePraiseJustin: Scrambled eggs or omelettes?

SC: I’m a scrambled guy.

SC: Until next time. #asksam has been fun as per usual. I promise not to leave it too long before we do it again. Have a good day one and all. 

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