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Sam Claflin Fans was created on 9th June 2012, following the Paris premiere of Snow White & The Huntsman after it was discovered that there were no fan-sites dedicated to such a talented actor as Sam Claflin. Sam himself followed us on Twitter at midnight on June 10th 2012.

Over the last five years we have grown with Sam as he has continued his extraordinary career as an actor, supporting him through the craziness of The Hunger Games and onto further, more exciting projects and possibilities. We have been lucky enough to attend premieres and Q&As to show our support to Sam face-to-face as well as through all aspects of social media (check out our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram & YouTube pages).

Our aim is to support Sam to the fullest each and every day by bringing fans the most up to date and concise news about our favourite guy. The last five years have been incredible, and we are looking forward to seeing what the future will bring, standing beside Sam every step of the way :)

Val, Jemma, Emily, Jen & Lydia

SCF Team

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