SCF at Giffoni Film Festival


Anna from our team was lucky enough to be a juror at Giffoni Film Festival, which Sam attended on July 21st and she was present at the Meet The Stars Q&A session that he took part in. She has written all about her experience, which you can read below. She also managed to take some gorgeous photos & videos so check those out too!


Anna: I arrived in Giffoni at 10:00 am and received my ticket for the event with Sam. I had the pleasure to be in the third row and saw the whole Q&A very well. Sam arrived at 12:00pm and he was lovely as always. He recognised the SCF banner and with a smiling face he pointed and waved. He is the absolute best and it is a pleasure to support him as part of SCF each & every day. Sam was asked many interesting questions during the session, including questions about his experience in Hunger Games and his relationship with Finnick Odair, his experience in Pirates of Caribbean and how was working with Johnny Depp, his experience at LAMDA, his football passion and how it feels playing a character in a movie for a small production company (his role in United). My favourite quote of his from the session was ‘keep smiling and move on’.


The Q&A session ended at 1:00pm and I had such a great time. Sam was so nice, smiling throughout the duration of the meeting. In the evening I also had the opportunity to see Me Before You (twice!) and I loved it. If you haven’t seen it already, you must go to see this wonderful movie!



SCF Exclusive Photos – Please credit us if sharing
SCF Exclusive Videos – Please credit us if sharing