SCF Birthday Project 2016 (Part 1!)


It’s that time of year again! Time to start wishing our fave guy a happy birthday! And this year…it’s the big 3-0! We know that there is still a while to go before his actual birthday on June 27th, but as you know from last year, the process of putting something special together takes time, and the more time we have the better!

As always, we will be doing a birthday video for Sam too, and there will be more info on that a bit closer to the date. But we are also doing another scrapbook! If you didn’t see last year’s scrapbook (or video), check out our post HERE. As you can see, Sam was so touched to receive it & read all of the lovely messages :)

Want to take part this year? Due to it being Sam’s 30th we have decided to do something a little extra. SO…here is all the info you need:

  • * Write a happy birthday message to Sam (no more than 50 words)
  • * Be sure to include your name / twitter handle / where you come from in the world
  • * If you have a photo with Sam, or a drawing you have done or a fave photo of Sam himself then send it along with your message & we will add it to the page.

PLUS Answer the following questions…..

  • * Three words to describe Sam (be creative, but respectful)
  • * How did you discover Sam?
  • * A time Sam made you laugh
  • * A reason why you are a fan of his
  • * Your fave thing about him

Send your message, and your answers to the above questions to Closing date for entries is May 8th.

Enjoy! We look forward to seeing all of your lovely messages! :)