SCF Adventure in Paris – The Riot Club

Sam attended The Riot Club Premiere in Paris on December 1st and we were privileged enough to be at the screening. It was a real pleasure to watch the movie for the 3rd time (Read our review below). 
Earlier during the day, we also had the chance to meet Sam and he was lovely as always, thanking SCF for being so nice to him. Like I said to him, we will always be here to support him and his career. 
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We also gave him this and he said “Oh my god” with a happy face. Once again, it was a privileged moment, and I could probably write a novel about it, but I only want to thank Sam again for everything. He’s simply the best.
Later, we attended the premiere where Lone Scherfig, the director of the movie, Sam and Max Irons presented the movie. We offered flowers to Lone and roses to Sam and Max to thank them for coming to France. It’s seriously great that some people in France are giving a chance to this incredible movie, and I only heard people saying great things about it. Proud.


Here’s the review I wrote of the movie back in October when I watched it in London:

The Riot Club Review (warning spoilers!!!)
My Wow”, what an incredible movie. A true masterpiece. The cast is just
outstanding. We feel like we are drowned to the “Posh World”
immediately. From what I had read on Twitter, everyone was talking about
how much they hated Sam’s character. But I can say, Alistair Ryle was
definitely my favorite character. And this needs explanations cause as
you may know, he is a terrible character. Sam portrayed beautifully a
young fragile boy, who has always lived in his brother’s shadow, who was
brought up in the “Posh World” and who doesn’t really get to choose his
The fact that he gets assaulted, just reinforce all these ideas people tried to put in his head: despise poor people.
And this smart and fragile young man, joins The Riot Club because he needs recognition.
when this character becomes really messed up, jealousy leads him in a
very dark place. It’s almost like he feels no more emotion, and when the
dinner scene shows up, you can see Alistair Ryle in his glory.
Mischievous. Manipulating. Mean. Trying to be the best. Trying to be a
legend. Trying to get admiration from everyone. Sam blew my mind away.
He was more brilliant than ever
. So talented that he can make you have
pity for a character who deserves no mercy for what he has done
The movie ends with a beautiful close up. You definitely don’t want to miss that!
favorite moment stays the monologue part at the dinner scene: so
powerful, driven, captivating.. we feel so much rage coming from him,
that it turns out like a masterpiece.
can say it’s my new favorite movie Sam has ever been in. I even went to
watch it a second time on Sunday. And if you’re over 15, you should go
run to the cinema to watch this wonderful movie. Great cast. Great
director. Great acting. Wish I could’ve seen the play from Laura Wade.
Congrats Sam!