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First of all, congrats to Jennifer Lawrence for winning the Oscar for Best Actress !

During her interview with MTV, the actress was asked: …..(starting at 2: 13 min) 

Interviewer– “Have you decided who you like more, Josh Hutcherson or Sam Claflin?  If you had a gun with one bullet and you had to choose one, who would it be?”
J– “That’s funny, I just saw Sam the other night.  I one time had to.. my publicist told me that a magazine had to either say things about me and Sam Claflin or Bradey Cooper, and I got to choose, and I chose Bradley Cooper because I love Sam’s fiance so much.”
Interviewer– “He is so hot.  Can we just talk about how hot he is?”
J– “Yeah!  And he’s so sweet! So sweet that is almost not hot anymore.”
Interviewer– “You’re doing your third film with him next, right?”
J– “Bradley?  Oh I thought we were talking about Sam!  Same thing goes for him too!”

Again, congrats to Jennifer for her big win!

Contest Winners!

Here are the papers from our contest winners!  But EVERY paper we got was literally amazing!


who’s that one? The actor who plays the missionary?’
have no idea. But he’s cute.’
that time I really had no idea. I had no idea that ‘cute actor’
was going to change me, someday, somehow. I was just in the cinema,
watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides’ with a
friend. I guess that after watching it, something else caught my
mind, and the image of the missionary faded.
there I was, caught in ‘The Hunger Games’ fever, waiting for the
‘Catching Fire’ movie. As I have an unusual disease, a disease
that makes me fall madly in love with fictional characters, Finnick
happened to be the one to steal my heart this time. Of course, I was
extremely impatient waiting to see who’s gonna get the role.
Lionsgate was teasing everyone showing us, one by one, the new cast,
apparently very determined to keep the sugar cube for the end. But I
couldn’t help searching for rumors. And, out of the blue, the cute
missionary’s face hit me once more. Now, he’s got a name.
even realizing, I started to hope he’ll be the portrayal of Finn.
It happens the odds were in his(and my) favour, as one evening, I
found myself jumping and screaming with joy seeing his picture next
to the text: ‘Sam
Claflin – Finnick Odair’
[No need to add that my parents were probably thinking –again- that
I was insane. I must admit I often act like a fangirl.]
that’s how it all began. Searching all over the internet for
information about him, I discovered a young talented actor, with a
lot of potential, ready to hit the film industry. He had something
special – at least for me. All in all, he wasn’t just another
brick in the wall (of cinematography).
even knowing that I exist, he has still changed my vision, made me
dream more, painted my little silly world in new shades. For a lot of
people, this may seem illogical, naïve and foolish. But for me, he’s
a source of inspiration, a role model. You probably know this feel
too. 
‘POTC’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, to ‘United’[
which made me -unexpectedly- cry my eyes out], I loved every film he
played in. With each one I entered another new world, realizing how
I’d love to be part of this cinematographic
magic too. And, yeah, you know who’s to blame. Of course, it’s
just another silly dream of mine, but I really don’t think it’s
that bad to dream. It’s just my way to escape this not-so-pleasant
reality we live in.
that’s the (not very exciting) story of how I became a Claflin
Cadet. And, as a veritable dreamer, every day I find myself
childishly(or not) hoping that I will someday have the chance to
write a chapter in my life’s book entitled: ‘Today,
I had a dream come true. Today, I met him.’
young Claflin Cadet from Romania 

I first see Sam Claflin in Pirates of Caribbean.
Many of my friends avoid to watch this movie because there isn’t Orlando
Bloom, but I love Jack Sparrow,
Penelope Cruz is amazing and I thought the other guy on the poster was quite
All started from here. This last Pirate of Caribbean is my favourite of the
series so far, there is more
action, maids and, of course, Sam Claflin!
I’m Italian, but I use to watch all the movie in the original language, mostly
to improve my English, so
I discovered Sam is actually British and I have a crush on British accent!
His accent and his smile were the fist things that made me love him.
Then it was the “Snow white and the Huntsman” turn. Everybody dream a Prince
will love us one day,
and then Sam Claflin arrives! With a bow and arrows!
I practice archery and I’m so excited to watch on movies characters who use
the bow,
I was kinda screaming YEEEES by myself at the cinema when I see Sam as a
Sam and the bow. This is the second thing that make me love him.
I have to admit, since here I was a little bit far from thinking about his
talent as an actor,
because he is so fascinating, beautiful eyes and smile, hot voice… But with
White Heat I cried so hard that
finally I understand how good he actually is. Jack is such a badass, but I’ve
loved him and I’m still expecting he will be with Charlotte…
Well, in my mind they are already together. Sam is so intense in each moment,
I was captured by his words and conviction, I forgot he was Sam, and this I
think is the best goal an actor could achieve.
Those were my steps into the Claflin’s world.
I watch the other movie and tv shows he did too of course,
but the three I’ve nominated are my favourite.
And soon he will be Finnick Odair.
One of the best character ever written!
I’m so glad he was chosen to be Finnick; I think he is so perfect to be him
that during the movie I will be breathless!


all Sam’s cadets I’m Maria Alejandra Gutierrez but my friends call me
Mariale and I’m from Venezuela. I’m going to tell you how I get so
obsess with Sam
I knew about Sam when I saw Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger
Tides … I fall in love with him when I saw that religious and
beautiful guy tie at the ship mast and then in all the movie I was
drooling over Sam.
I started to research about him, I saw all his movies and series and
in a couple of days I notice that I have like a thousand pictures of
him in my computer.
I love about Sam is that he’s such a humble person and I like the
fact that he’s always joking with his family .and he might never will
see/read this but the thing that I most love about him is his laugh
when he laugh, it’s like I DIDN’T KNOW THAT THE PARADISE IS SO
BEAUTIFUL? That’s what I think about his laugh it’s like a little
of heaven.
I know is that I’m obsess with THE FACT THAT HIS BIRTHDAY IS A DAY
BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY; we can celebrate together if he wants?
love him so much that all my notebooks have his pictures and I talk
his cadet, his little Venezuelan cadet.
hope that God bless him and always protect him.
George Claflin I love you and all my cadets friends.

And The Winner Is….

We can’t even begin on how proud we are of all of you. You opened up your hearts to us and your papers were incredible!! We had such a hard time choosing! We just want you to know that even if you didn’t get chosen, you’re all winners here!

We liked ALL of your papers so much that we decided to mail them somewhere ! All of your papers… 

Our first place winner is Inna! Congrats! Inna, your paper was so heartfelt, you have a real love for Sam :)
Twitter- @annie_angh
Facebook- Inna Anghel
Tumblr –

Our second place winner is Beatrice ! Congrats!  Beatrice everything you said was so relatable! So true :)
Facebook – Beatrice Barbiero
Twitter – @Dru_B_

And honorable mention goes to Maria ! We also hae a little something for you :)
Twitter – @malesinjamon

If the winners don’t mind, we will post an article revealing their papers.

We now know for a fact what kind of magnificent and caring Claflin Cadets we have on our hands. You should all be so proud and Sam is so very lucky to have great fans! See you at the next contest!


Here it is!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for!..
Here is how it is going to go.  We want to know just how much you’d consider yourself a Claflin Cadet by writing a paper/essay (whatever you want to call it) about Sam.
For example: How you discovered Sam, how long have you known about him, what do you like so much about him, and his talents?  You can say absolutely whatever you want in the paper.. (nothing bad of course).  This will just be a way to spill your guts to a couple of people who know exactly how you feel!  Easy, right?
There will be a first and second place winner.  If these two people want, we will post an article with their papers!  Maybe even the one and only Sam Claflin will see?  ONLY if the winners want us to post it.
Here is the catch.. We want NO LESS than 300 words (this article is barely that many).  We totally understand if your first language isn’t English.  In fact, we, the admins, are from different countries.  Just do your best and we will work with you.  It does need to be in the best English as possible though :)
And now you’re probably curious what the prizes are?

The first place winner will get to choose between a very large picture of Sam or the Entertainment Weekly magazine with Sam on the cover as Finnick! (Pictures below) and the second place winner will get the other prize.  The prizes will be mailed directly to the winners as soon as possible.

THE OFFICIAL DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 22.. but there’s no time like the present!  You can send us your paper through a facebook message or you can email it to us at  Start sending whenever you’d like!

Good luck and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

First Still of Sam as Ben in Mary & Martha

First still of Sam as Ben
Mary & Martha will air on BBC One on Friday 1 March at 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm ! 
The film Mary & Martha stars Hilary Swank as Mary and Brenda Blethyn as Martha, an American and an English woman who have little in common apart from the one terrible thing – they both lose sons to malaria. Mary takes her young son, George (Lux Hanley Jardine), to Africa, promising adventure and fun when he contracts the disease, while Martha’s son, Ben (Sam Claflin), dies while working as a volunteer in Mozambique.  
Find out more about the film : Here

Sam in Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio


Sam appears at 0:20 / 0:45 / 1:03 / 1:24
Chapter Three – Are You Free for Breakfast? is a video created by photographer Bruce Weber. This is a photo shoot for the Hollywood Portfolio which will debut in the March 2013 issue of Vanity Fair.  Here is the video which features scenes with Sam Claflin along with a number of other young actors and actresses.


Rankin Collabor8te Premiere

Sam attended the Rankin Collabor8te Premiere in London, with his fiancé Laura Haddock on February 12th. Looking good as usual!


talking about Catching Fire, Finnick  Odair, Jennifer Lawrence, Snow White & The Huntsman + message for the fans. 
talking about Hunger Games, not being done with the filming yet, and Jennifer Lawrence.

(All the screencaps below + transcription)

Q: Are you excited about tonight’s event?
A: I’m very excited, yeah thrilled to be here.  I mean i’m a big fan of Rankin’s work and so to be apart of something this amazing, ya know, I think it’s amazing.  I’m very excited

Q: Why are you such a fan of Rankin?
A: I think he’s got such a good eye.  He’s obviously such a very talented photographer.  At the same time, he’s a great man, who’s always wanting to get more involed with charities such as this, so it’s an incredible feeling.

Q: How useful a tool do you think short films are for inspiring the next generation of film making?
A: Well that’s what I love about this industry.  A lot of my friends are currently in the process of making short films.  They are the film makers of tomorrow and I think that’s what i’m excited about, you know, seeing the prospect of potential new Oscar winners.

*Talking about Catching Fire now*
Sam:  I’m going off to finish Hunger Games at the end of the month.  We have a week or so left of filming so i’m excited about that coming up, but at the same time, very nervous.

Q: I guess the obvious question fans are going to have..What can they expect from Catching Fire?  How do you think it differs from the first film?
A: It’s a very different story, you know, there’s new characters.  My character being one of them.  A new directer.  So you know it’s going to be a very different outlook..a very different feel to it.  I have not seen anything back so far so i’m excited about how it might turn out.  I have faith in Francis and i’m sure it will be bigger and better than the last one.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your character, your tribute.  What weapon does he use and how exciting was it and what kind of training have you done to get into the role?
A: I mean for me, reading the book, I fell more and more in love with the character, like i sort of auditioned without knowing anything about him and getting an opportunity to sit and talk with Francis and even Suzanne Collins.  Finnick’s a very complicated and complex character.  Lots of ups, lots of downs, but his weapon of choice is a trident, which is something i’m not overly familiar with so I had to kind of train like three hours a day on top of going to the gym and everything.  It was a very hard hard shoot but the physical shoots are the things I enjoy the most.

Q:  You’re working alongside an extraordinary cast like Oscar nominated Jennifer Lawrence.  What’s it like working with her?
A: She’s a diamond.  She is very hard working and at the same time likes to have fun, you know, she’s very grounded and I think I can class her as a good friend now.  I’m excited about seeing her again, it’s been a while.  I have to congratulate her officially, face to face.  It will be good to see everyone again.

Q:  You’ve had some great experiences working with leading ladies.  Kristen, of course in Snow White.  Do you think we are going to get a sequel to that?  Will you be excited to take that further?
A: I’d love to give it another go, just because I enjoyed the process of making the film so much.  Especially filming it in England.  I feel like I was sort of apart of something original for the first time, so i’d be more than willing to jump back on board if that was ever an opportunity that came up.

Q: Final question.  Do you have a message to all the fans out there?  Anything you’d like to say?  Specifically Hunger Games fans?
A: Make sure you watch the film (laughs).  Keep a lookout for me.  Hopefully i’ll pop up somewhere, more than one place.

Q: You’ve been spending time with Jennifer because she’s been here for the BAFTA’s.  What’s her special quality?
A:  She has an amazing ability to switch it on and switch it off and I think that’s a rarity.  A lot of people can to that but she has the ability to do that right up to the deadline, you know, that final stop point.  She’s very grounded, she’s a lovely girl.  I was blessed to be working with some incredible actors

Q: Lucky to work with you.  So different director.  Is it a different feel to this one?
A:  I didn’t work on the first one so I don’t know how different a feel it is but it definitely felt like a family unit.  All of us were happy to turn up for work everyday.  Partly because we were filming in Hawaii, so you can’t complain (laughs).  We all got along really well and spent a lot of time socializing off set as well and so like I said, i’m looking forward to catching up with them all.

Q: What was your favorite video growing up?
A: The Goonies, growing up.  Stand By Me is another classic, but The Goonies.

Q: Why The Goonies?
A: I don’t know!  It’s the sense of adventure and the friendships.  I was also obbessed with pirates and exploring and treasure, you know, all that sort of side of things so.  Oh my god, I can’t remember what the quote is! “Never say die!” Goonies “never say die”.  It holds a very special place in my heart, that film.